Powder Coats & Finishes

Shipping across the United States

Put your personal touch on your fire pit by selecting from one of Cedar Creek’s standard options. Applying a patina finish is an art. Because every stroke is unique, every finished product we complete is one of a kind.

Patina Options

Rusted Patina by Cedar Creek Sculptures

Rusted Patina

Our rusted patina provides a look of a natural rust with its earthy orange and red tones.

Gun Metal Patina by Cedar Creek Sculptures

Gunmetal Patina

Our gunmetal patina has blends of charcoal, blacks, and blues to provide an industrial, raw steel look.

Powder Coat Options

To see the colors in greater detail, click the swatch to be directed to a video that shows the color in more detail. Some colors do not have videos available.

Classic White

Flat Tundra Green

Jamaican Teal

Liquid Smoke

Mushroom White

Mustard Nugget

US Penny Vein

Powder Coats & Finishes Shipping across the United States

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