Fire Pit Maintenance

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“Seasoning” Your Wood Burning Fire Pit

For your first wood burning fire, we recommend that you start with a small fire, kindling and 3-4 full pieces of split firewood, that you burn for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Let
your fire pit cool completely for 1.5 – 2 hours. At this point we recommend you repeat the process of “Seasoning” one more time. This allows all moisture in the metals to release and the paint to cure to your geographical climate. After the second cooling period you are ready to enjoy your fire pit.

If this process is not completed properly it can cause paint chipping and peeling. Please understand that wood burning fire pits have a coal temperature that exceeds any high temp paints ability to withstand. The Bottom of your fire pit will look “used”. Purchasing our fire grate will help preserve the condition of the bottom of your fire pit.

Maintaining Your Wood Burning Fire Pit

Our fire pits are made from carbon steel and will naturally continue to age over time. To maintain the fire pits patina, we recommend that you apply a high temperature clear coat at least once a year.

Please follow the maintenance and care recommendations made by Warming Trends for your CrossFire Burners.

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