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Cedar Creek Sculptures was initially just your typical small business idea for us to take on a new adventure. We arrived on this journey from very different backgrounds; Daniel, a self-employed businessman whose heart dream was always to express himself through art; Bonnie, a Corporate IT manager for 30+ years who wanted to get away from politics and tedious structure. But as we talked more about what we wanted our business to stand for, to represent, to be remembered for, it went away from focusing on us to focusing on helping people. Cedar Creek Sculptures is about building people up. Our employees are individuals who want a second chance or a new start in life, with our initial focus on individuals coming out of broken backgrounds.

Cedar Creek Sculptures is a place…

  • Where your past is just that; our focus is on a better today and tomorrow
  • To share our love for God
  • To learn new life skills
  • To grow from our mistakes
  • To embrace accountability
  • To be proud of our work and our products
  • To be the best version of ourselves in every moment
  • To have a family; people to celebrate our successes and walk beside each other in good and bad times
Our products are a way we share our life through art in many different forms. We hope that a piece of our work touches your heart and home.
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