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Cedar Creek Sculptures - Outdoor Cookers and Grills in Yacolt WA

Outdoor Cookers & Grills

Bring the cooking-fun outdoors and really capture the moment with one of our unique outdoor cookers. Our cookers come in three sizes so you can host large gatherings or intimate parties. Our grills are handmade, using high quality materials. Our cooker will help bring the family together by providing a fun and interactive experience.

Our Wedge Cooker comes in multiple sizes and heights,
catering for small gatherings up to large parties.


20+ people


4-20 people


2-8 people

Outdoor Grill Accessories

Check out our outdoor grill accessories, including our inset raised grill. 

How to use your Outdoor Grill

Just purchase a new outdoor cooker from Cedar Creek Sculptures? Learn how to properly use it!

How to maintain your Outdoor Grill

Keep your outdoor grill in pristine condition with these maintenance tips!

Custom Outdoor Cookers & Grills

Make your home the perfect gathering place by ordering your very own custom outdoor cooker by Cedar Creek Sculptures. When you order from us, you can trust you’re getting high-quality products built in the USA.

Plus, our outdoor cookers have:

Outdoor Cookers & Grills Shipping across the United States

Serving Clark County and beyond

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