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Fire Pit Santa Maria Grill



Adding a Santa Maria Grill to your fire pit gives you another opportunity to spend time with family and friends.  Our Santa Maria style wood and coal BBQ grill partnered with your fire pit is the ultimate outdoor experience.  Open fire cooking on our custom, hand built outdoor appliance is 2nd to none.

Fire Pit sold separately


Product Description

Taking your fire pit to the next level.  This is of the highest quality, yet simple and easy to operate, open fire Santa Maria style grill.  Made with superior craftmanship and 100% American made spirit, we have put our best into engineering our design, intuitive yet practical.  The Fire Pit Santa Maria gives you super smooth elevation adjustments so you can grill your food to perfection at whatever height/temp of your choosing.  Get ready to enjoy amazing BBQ with your family and friends. The Fire Pit Santa Maria won’t disappoint.

Product Details

  • Many sizes available
  • Handmade in the USA
  • See larger versions of Powder Coat & Patina options HERE
  • If you don’t see the powder coat color you are looking for check out Prismatic Powders (prismaticpowders.com) for a large selection.  Just give us a call and let us know what custom color you would like for your Fire Pit Santa Maria Wheel.


  • Hand wheel adjustable height cook surface
  • Interchangeable grills
  • Powder coat options for wheel
  • Open fire cooking (wood / coal)
  • Designed to fit round fire pits
  • Each Fire Pit Santa Maria Grill is made at the time it is ordered so there may be slight variations in measurements and color.

Fire Pit sold separately.


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